Whether it is a fairy princess, mermaid, superhero, or pirate, kids love to fantasize about being special and journeying to a far away land. They become bigger than life heroes, have enchanted animal friends, or live in the forest among the gnomes.

Fantasy is more than just the obvious fun and enjoyment aspects though, pretend play encourages your child's creativity. It  gives kids a safe, imaginary world to explore.

They can interact with dragons and mythical creatures, soar through the air, swim the depths of the ocean, and have tea parties with sprites in the woods.

It doesn’t take much to start a kid’s imagination – a cardboard box, cape, or toy sword will do.

Images of Youth composites your child’s image into fantasy scenes. We call it our Fantasy Studio. The process is easy. You attend one of our themed portrait sessions where we photograph your child in poses that are suitable for using in the composite output.

After the session, we'll take your images back to our studio. There we'll use special software to manipulate and composite the real life photos into a make believe scene.

Having an image to view or a print to hang just makes their dream a bit more real, lets the fantasy seem a little more possible. You’ll have art to enjoy and they’ll dream up stories to tell of their adventures.

If you choose to purchase only the digital file, we’ll make it available to you for download or optionally, we'll put it on a DVD or thumb drive and deliver it to you. If you’d prefer to also have a premium quality print made, your artwork can be reproduced on canvas or mounted, ready to hang or frame.

If you are interested in attending one of our themed portrait sessions, let us know. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming events and opportunities.

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Let us capture the magic of youth for your children. Ask to be informed about our next session. 

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